• CE-3 Monetary Policy: The End of the Easing Affair

    By Jelena Vukotic Jul 31 @ 10:00AM

    Poland, Hungary and the Czech Republic have reached the end of their monetary easing drive, but we anticipate a prolonged period of record-low rates in the CE-3.

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  • U.S. GDP: Demand Side Realigns With Supply Side

    By Prajakta Bhide Jul 30 @ 06:40PM

    Solid Q2 growth has dispelled worries of weak underlying momentum as a result of the U.S. economy’s dismal Q1 performance.

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  • RGE Policy Interest Rate Forecasts

    By the RGE Macro Strategy Team Jul 30 @ 09:25AM

    RGE predicts monetary policy movements in 2014 and beyond...

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  • UK Trip Report: BoE in No Rush to Hike This Year

    By Brunello Rosa and Nouriel Roubini Jul 30 @ 12:00AM

    With the UK economy growing above potential since Q2 2013, Bank of England (BoE) Governor Mark Carney recently signaled that the official bank rate might be raised sooner than the market has been pricing in. In light of our recent discussion with a senior BoE official, this paper reassesses the likelihood of a rate hike in 2014.

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  • Housing Bubbles Part II: Macropru in Sweden

    By Brunello Rosa and Ariel Rajnerman Jul 30 @ 12:00AM

    The high (and increasing) house prices and levels of household debt pose significant risks to Sweden’s financial stability. After years of keeping its monetary policy stance tighter than economic developments, especially on the inflation front, have warranted, the central bank has abandoned that approach with a 50 bp repo rate cut, and urged the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authorityto take decisive macroprudential action.

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