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Global Economic Outlook

Global Outlook: Trouble in the Engine Room

By the Roubini Research Team

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OUTLOOK OVERVIEW Released Apr 2, 2014
Macro-Market Overview (presentation) Released Feb 19, 2014GDP AND CPI FORECASTS Released Apr 2, 2014EXCHANGE RATE FORECASTS Released Apr 2, 2014
Commodities Released Mar 4, 2014Credit Released Mar 4, 2014Emerging Markets Released Mar 4, 2014
Equity Released Mar 4, 2014Government Bonds/Rates Released Mar 4, 2014 
Canada Released Mar 4, 2014United States Released Mar 4, 2014 
LATIN AMERICA Released Mar 4, 2014
Argentina Released Mar 11, 2014Brazil Released Mar 4, 2014Chile Released Apr 4, 2014
Colombia Released Mar 11, 2014Mexico Released Apr 4, 2014Venezuela Released Mar 12, 2014
Sweden Released Mar 11, 2014Switzerland Released Mar 6, 2014United Kingdom Released Mar 4, 2014
EUROZONE Released Mar 4, 2014
France Released Mar 4, 2014Germany Released Mar 4, 2014Greece Released Mar 11, 2014
Ireland Released Mar 4, 2014Italy Released Mar 4, 2014Portugal Released Mar 4, 2014
Spain Released Apr 7, 2014  
EMERGING EUROPE Released Mar 4, 2014
Czech Republic Released Mar 10, 2014Hungary Released Apr 10, 2014Poland Released Mar 13, 2014
Russia Released Apr 4, 2014Turkey Released Mar 4, 2014 
ASIA/PACIFIC Released Mar 4, 2014
Australia Released Mar 4, 2014China Released Mar 4, 2014India Released Mar 4, 2014
Indonesia Released Mar 4, 2014Japan Released Mar 4, 2014Malaysia Released Mar 13, 2014
Philippines Released Mar 13, 2014South Korea Released Mar 4, 2014Thailand Released Mar 14, 2014
SUB-SAHARAN AFRICA Released Mar 11, 2014
Kenya Released Mar 7, 2014Nigeria Released Mar 6, 2014South Africa Released Mar 4, 2014
Egypt Released Mar 6, 2014Saudi Arabia Released Mar 11, 2014United Arab Emirates Released Mar 11, 2014

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