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RGE's Q2 2010 Eurozone Outlook

RGE's improved outlook is mostly concentrated in the manufacturing sector, where industrial production data for January and February registered a welcome bounce-back in line with the soaring PMIs. The March PMI reading finally crossed the 50 threshold although the hard data continue to disappoint. New orders for January are mixed, with only Germany clearly profiting from the improved external environment among the large economies. The effective euro depreciation of about 6% since H2 2009 will allow the eurozone, driven by Germany, to participate more comprehensively in strong world growth momentum through improved exports.

Manufacturing activity, however, accounts for only about 18% in the eurozone and the outlook for services, which are mostly driven by domestic demand, is much more subdued. Indeed, retail sales continue to decline and new car registrations have been slowing down sharply in view of the gradual phasing out of car scrappage schemes across different eurozone countries

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