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Macro Strategy Research

Our dynamic and intuitive research platform keeps clients on top of shifts that transform our global economy. To determine the implications of these movements, our research team incorporates market dynamics into their analysis, generating directional recommendations. It is this approach that makes RGE an invaluable resource for many of the world’s central banks, hedge funds, asset managers, private equity firms, banks and corporations.

Macro-Strategy Research


Global Macro-Market Outlook
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The Outlook provides forward-looking analysis on economic growth, inflation and policy dynamics, both globally and country-by-country, and highlights risks to RGE views.
Macro-Market Review
Monthly presentations that offer a quick way to keep up with our latest views on macroeconomic topics
Scenario Analysis
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Economic and political scenarios for the short, medium, and long term, including probabilities and potential macroeconomic and asset-class implications
Central Bank Watch
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Our analysis of key central banks provides a bird’s-eye view of the monetary policy trends that will influence macroeconomic and asset-class performance


Thematic Research
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Exploration of the global economy that goes beyond the consensus view, connecting seemingly disparate economies and trends
10-Year Economic Forecasts
Forecasts for GDP, CPI, unemployment, fiscal balance, sovereign debt, current account, trade balance and exchange rates
Asset Class Coverage
Directional recommendations on commodities, currencies, government bonds/interest rates, emerging markets, credit and equity
Daily Digest
A selection of the best and most relevant research and analysis from a variety of sources

Emails, Alerts and Newsletters

Daily Top 5
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Our most important macro strategy research and latest thoughts, delivered to your inbox each morning
RGE 360
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A weekly note portraying the week ahead in the global economy and providing a roundup of our best content of the past week
RGE Tracker
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A customizable email to alert you when new content is published on countries and topics of your choice

Country Insights

Gain an edge in understanding the fundamental strengths and weaknesses of 174 countries with our macroeconomic research, economic forecasts, market strategy, scenario analysis, and systematic country scores.
Macro Strategy Research
Our dynamic and intuitive research platform keeps clients on top of shifts that transform our global economy.
Systematic Country Scoring
We take a systematic approach to quantitatively score over 100 factors per country, enabling you to compare and contrast countries. This results in an approach that is consistent across time and ignores market noise.
Identify and Monitor Risks
Quantify sovereign risk, investment attractiveness, and country strength ahead of others

Direct Access

Many clients engage at the Direct Access level to gain a deeper understanding of specific issues
Conference/Video Calls
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Regular conference calls hosted by Nouriel Roubini and the Macro Strategy Team keep you up to date on changes in RGE views, especially in response to breaking news
One-on-One Economist and Strategist Calls/Emails
Phone calls or email exchanges with RGE economists or strategists, which provide quick responses to your questions
On-Site Visits With Economists and Strategists
Meetings with Nouriel Roubini, Christian Menegatti and other RGE economists and strategists
Client Meetings
(Additional fees apply)
RGE participation at board meetings, events or other speaking engagements; invitations to RGE-sponsored roundtables, lectures and gatherings


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