Roubini Research Platform

We take market signals, economic trends and policy access and apply our institutional experience, national balance sheet approach and systematic country scores to generate holistic economic insight. It is this approach that makes Roubini Global Economics an invaluable resource for asset managers, banks and corporations.

Assess the Situation

Discover new risks and opportunities via our website or delivered to your inbox.

  • Thematic Analysis

    Market-driven research that reveals trends and connections between seemingly disparate economies.

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  • Global Outlook

    Monthly forward-looking analysis and forecasts on economic growth and major asset classes.

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  • Systematic Risk Scoring

    Compare and contrast 100+ structural scores per country via customizable dashboards.

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Interact With Us

Explore our views, debate our assumptions and sound out ideas directly with our analysts.

  • Conference Calls

    Regular conference calls keep you up-to-date on market-shifting events and changes in our views.

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  • Ask an Analyst

    A quick and easy way for you to submit questions directly to our analysts via

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  • Direct Access

    Arms you with the knowledge you need to make better decisions through open access to our team.

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Get a Tailored Situation

Bespoke solutions if you require something above and beyond our day-to-day analytical coverage.

  • Speaking Engagements

    Bring our elite research team members to your office, podium or board room for events ranging from board meetings to client-facing keynote speeches.

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  • Custom Research

    Acquire thought-provoking and hard-hitting custom projects in a timely and cost-effective manner, be it a rapid deep dive into a country or a detailed assessment of an esoteric market.

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