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How can Roubini Global Economics benefit you?

Roubini is your Insight Multiplier

We combine expert analysis, policy insights and a systematic approach to country scoring to generate unique, actionable intelligence, exposing risks and opportunities that traditional research can miss.

Roubini Macro Analytics Platform

  • Identify new market opportunities
  • Spot risks and vulnerabilities
  • Anticipate shifts in policy
  • Understand macro dynamics
  • Test your assumptions
  • Tap into our team’s collective knowledge
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Expert Analysis

Our analysts reveal the linkages between economies and markets, exposing how shifts in one country impact conditions elsewhere.

Get the market-relevant analysis you need by accessing our independent global research.

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Systematic Risk Scoring

We score over 100 factors per country, enabling you to compare and contrast structural fundamentals without the distraction of market noise.

Build your own custom dashboards on our unique platform and focus on the factors that matter most to you.

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Policy Insight

Our meetings with senior policy makers, central bankers and government officials around the world feed directly into our forecasts of policy actions.

Tap into this insight to plan your moves with a clear vision of the future.

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