Our reputation is rooted in our ability to consider a broad array of variables and deliver opinions that challenge consensus.

Building on the national balance sheet approach that Nouriel Roubini pioneered, we follow a rigorous, systematic approach to deciphering the dynamics of the global economy, unearthing opportunities that traditional research can miss.

We do this with a unique blend of sensibilities, capabilities and experiences, to provide you with a suite of analytics, intelligence and tools that has a multiplier effect on the data you analyze, delivering insights to you like no other macro firm can.

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Roubini Global Economics is the leading independent, global macroeconomic research firm founded in 2004 by renowned economist Nouriel Roubini.

Roubini research combines expert insight with systematic analysis to translate economic, market and policy signals into actionable intelligence for a wide range of financial, corporate and policy professionals. This holistic approach uncovers opportunities and risks before they come to the attention of markets, helping clients arrive at better decisions in a timelier manner.

Roubini is headquartered in New York, with offices in London and Singapore.

Our Team

Senior Research Click to learn more about a team member

  • Nouriel Roubini, Chairman, Co-Founder

    Nouriel Roubini

    Chairman, Co-Founder
  • Paul Domjan, Managing Director

    Paul Domjan

    Managing Director Head of Research Delivery and Product
  • Don Hanna, Managing Director

    Don Hanna

    Managing Director Head of Research
  • Sheryl King, Senior Director

    Sheryl King

    Senior Director Global Country Research
  • David Nowakowski, Senior Director

    David Nowakowski

    Senior Director Research
  • Brunello Rosa, Senior Director

    Brunello Rosa

    Senior Director Western Europe G10 Rates and Currencies
  • Rachel Ziemba, Senior Director

    Rachel Ziemba

    Senior Director Emerging Markets
  • Kevin Harris, Director

    Kevin Harris

    Director North America
  • Helen Henton, Director

    Helen Henton

    Director Commodities
  • Mike Liu, Director

    Mike Liu

    Director Systematic Research
  • Dan Ward, Managing Editor

    Dan Ward

    Managing Editor
  • Ian Watt, Director

    Ian Watt

    Director Technology & Research Development

Research Team Click to learn more about a team member

  • Paulina Argudin, Senior Analyst

    Paulina Argudin

    Senior Analyst Country Insights
  • Rahil Devgan, Analyst

    Rahil Devgan

    Analyst Asia
  • Ibrahim Gassambe, Senior Strategist

    Ibrahim Gassambe

    Senior Strategist Equity
  • Gareth Hollins, Research Consultant

    Gareth Hollins

    Research Consultant
  • Jennifer Hsieh, Economist

    Jennifer Hsieh

    Economist Emerging Europe and Quantitative Analysis
  • Ariel Rajnerman, Economist

    Ariel Rajnerman

    Economist Latin America
  • Maya Senussi, Senior Economist

    Maya Senussi

    Senior Economist Turkey, Middle East, Africa
  • Mark Skinner, Economist

    Mark Skinner

    Economist Quantitative Macro
  • Michelle Tejada, Economist

    Michelle Tejada

    Economist Western Europe
  • Daili Wang, Senior Economist

    Daili Wang

    Senior Economist Northeast Asia
  • Alex Waters, Economist

    Alex Waters

    Economist Quantitative Macro
  • Mert Yildiz, Senior Economist

    Mert Yildiz

    Senior Economist CIS and CEE

Business Leadership Click to learn more about a team member

  • Terry Waters, President & CEO

    Terry Waters

    President & CEO
  • Rex Nowell, Senior Director

    Rex Nowell

    Senior Director Sales
  • Gene Souther, Vice President

    Gene Souther

    Vice President Sales - America