Introducing Country Insights

By Roubini Country Insights Team

Country Insights is a customizable tool that combines Roubini Global Economics’ world-class macro-strategy research with a systematic approach to measuring country risks and opportunities, giving you an edge in understanding the fundamental strengths and weaknesses of 174 countries.

We score over 100 factors per country and provide the ability to create custom indicators so you can compare and contrast countries in terms of your unique business dynamics. This systematic approach to country scoring delivers analysis that is consistent across time and filters out market noise, instead surfacing signals worthy of inspection. From there, our Research Team turns those signals into valuable insight for you.

This rigorous approach, supported by an assessment of the quality of political institutions, political risk and social inclusion, provides an in-depth view of a country’s investment attractiveness and socioeconomic strength. By ranking countries in a consistent and transparent fashion, we can identify potential patterns of weakness or strength, either within geographical regions or across specific areas of economic risk (e.g., external vulnerabilities, overall debt and structural problems). Scores are scaled 0 to 10, with 0 being the worst (e.g., serious risk or very low growth potential) and 10 being the best (e.g., very low risk or very strong growth potential).

Country Strength Index: A score of overall country strength, reflecting a country's macroeconomic and growth potential, and political and social strength.

Investment Attractiveness Index: A measure of the country's macroeconomic strength, political stability, and medium-term growth potential.

Sovereign Risk Index: An aggregate measure of the country’s external adjustment capacity and strength of domestic institutions, quantifying the likelihood that the country will experience financial distress.

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