The Country Insights™ Model, which benchmarks the strengths and weaknesses of over 170 countries, is a key component of RGE’s systematic research, both as a tool for clients to use directly and as an input into RGE’s country and global thematic research.

RGE’s Country Insights research:

  • Encompasses a holistic approach that identifies and quantifies the critical aspects of a country’s risk and potential
  • Follows the methodology of the National Balance Sheet for each country and explores over 200 key variables that help clients determine opportunities and risks
  • Employs a rigorous and consistent framework enables global comparative analysis of 174 countries
  • Allows for complete analytical transparency and granularity
  • Relies on frequent data updates to ensure the capture of the most recent internationally recognized cross-country comparable data sources
  • Powers the Roubini-Barclays Country Insights investable equity indices, the first smart beta index product to deliver strong market outperformance based on country macro, and RGE’s Shadow Credit Ratings, which use Country Insights to accurately forecast changes in sovereign risk and sovereign credit ratings.
Country Insights

For more information or to subscribe to Roubini Global Economics Country Insights™, please contact us at +44 (0) 207 881 8800.