Conference Call Replay: Italian Elections Turn Messy—Steel Your Nerves and Hold On

Meeting date:
February 27th, 2013
Start time:
05:00 AM EST
1 Hour


RGE Chairman Nouriel Roubini and the RGE Macro Strategy team discuss the road ahead after the Italian elections delivered a hung parliament, leaving an unwieldy Senate. The call will cover: 
  • What happens next: the political calendar and political implications.
    • Possible coalition and caretaker configurations for the next government.
    • How this compares with RGE’s envisioned pre-election scenarios.
  • Implications for austerity measures in Italy and the rest of Europe
    • Can Europe afford doing more of the same asymmetric austerity and painful reform with no real growth policy?
    • Is Grillo an Italy-specific alarm bell, or a warning sign that we are at a turning point for the eurozone?
  • Market implications:
    • Short Italy only, or move to risk-off?
    • Will the elections trigger an MoU and activate OMT bond-buying?
    • Will an unstable Italy qualify for ESM aid?
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