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Client Discount for Global Risk Management Conference in NYC

Meeting date: May 9th, 2013
Start time: 09:00 AM EDT
Duration: 1 Hour
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Paul Domjan, managing director of Roubini Global Economics, will be speaking on geopolitical resilience and sovereign risk at the Global Risk Management Conference in New York, NY, on May 9-10. Join an interdisciplinary discussion with international experts and practitioners on the latest thinking and best practices on:
  • Macro risks: Which risks are critical to address in the months ahead? The debate includes geopolitical, economic, environmental, regulatory, legislative, IT/cyber security and social media issues.
  • Adaptive risk governance:  How can you make effective decisions for your organization and stakeholders in situations dominated by uncertainty, complexity and volatility?
  • Analytical frameworks: Are there best practices for integrating frameworks for emerging risks into strategy and execution? What can you do today to influence tomorrow's results?
Roubini Global Economics clients can save 15% by using offer code DA1 when registering. To register or for more information, please visit or contact Joseph Fontana at (212) 339-0364 or