Conference Call Replay - Draghi and Merkel vs. Berlusconi and Grillo: Who’s Going to Blink?

Meeting date:
April 9th, 2013
Start time:
12:00 PM EDT
1 Hour


Please join RGE Chairman Nouriel Roubini and the RGE Macro Strategy Team as they share their insights on Italy.

During the call, we will explore the various economic and political options facing Italy, and discuss the likely response from its European partners. 

  • Italy is embroiled in a seemingly endless recession. How will it emerge from this negative cycle?
  • The latest political developments see Italy moving into uncharted territory; what’s the most likely outcome?
  • What factors are influencing Italy’s economic performance; and how could a government program of “rigor without austerity” help?
  •  How is the eurozone--in particular, Germany--reacting?
  •  How likely are scenarios in which Italy: 1) blinks in the game of chicken with Germany, 2) muddles through, or 3) engages in serious brinkmanship?


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