REPLAY—2017 Outlook: Abnormal Politics, Normalizing Policies

As we approach the end of 2016, the pace of political and policy change is accelerating not slowing down ahead of the holidays.

Meeting date:
December 7th, 2016
Start time:
07:30 AM EST
1 Hour


Please join Rachel Ziemba, Gabriel Stein and other members of the 4CAST-RGE research team as they make some sense of those changes and their implications for economies and markets in 2017.

Our conference call is timed to capture the publication of our Outlook for 2017 which, in turn, follows the publication earlier this month of our main Themes for 2017, which have, at their core, the idea of the rise of populism.

Populist politics is "front and center" again following the Italian referendum result and the narrow loss by the Freedom Party in Austria's presidential election. In the UK, the Supreme Court is hearing the appeal by the government against an earlier ruling that it alone does not have the authority to trigger Article 50 and, in the U.S., President-Elect Trump's opening forays into international diplomacy have broken with accepted norms.

Our agenda:

  • Populism: Drivers and Destinations; Paul Domjan, CEO
  • Europe: Political and Policy Responses to Populist Missile Lock; Gabriel Stein, MD DM Research
  • USA: Fiscal Expansion at Home, Divergence Abroad; Kevin Harris, Director North America
  • Emerging Markets: China Vol and Oil Rebalancing; Rachel Ziemba, MD EM Research
  • Equity Markets: Populist Rallies Can Turn Ugly; Andy Hartwill, Research Director

Thank you as always for your continued support of 4CAST-RGE. We look forward to sharing our unique perspectives with you on the call.

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