Replay - China: Trading Short-run Pain for Long-term Gain

Meeting date:
August 26th, 2015
Start time:
02:00 PM EDT
1 Hour


As discussed in an August 24 piece, we see only a moderate chance of the stock-market slump snowballing into a full-blown financial crisis in the short term. But will the panic persist?


Please join Don Hanna (Managing Director) and other members of the Roubini Research Team as they review the causes and consequences of China’s stock-market meltdown and gauge the risks facing the Chinese economy over the short and medium terms. Among other topics, the call will cover:                                   

  • Contagion risk: How serious is the China slowdown and asset market volatility for China and the rest of the world?

  • Policy moves: What further actions should we expect from Chinese authorities and how will their actions affect markets/economies going forward?


To learn more about our views ahead of the Q&A session, check out some of Roubini’s recent research:

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