Conference Call Replay: 2018 Q2 Global Outlook—The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Meeting date:
June 11th, 2018
Start time:
09:30 AM EDT
1 Hour


Key points to be covered on the Outlook conference call:

  • Global growth to remain solid in 2018 and 2019
  • Divergent G10 policy normalisation to continue
  • USD and inflation reducing room for lower rates in EM
  • Italian politics to cause persistent moderate strains in Eurozone markets
  • Trade friction and geopolitics


  • Kilbinder Dosanjh (Head of Macro Research and Strategy and Chairperson)
  • Mike Gallagher (Head of Markets Research)
  • Jeff Ng (Chief Economist, Asia)
  • Kevin Harris (Director, North America)
  • Pedro Tuesta (Senior Economist, Latin America)
  • Andrew Wroblewski (Senior Economist, UK, Eurozone)
  • Gianluca Ziglio (Senior Fixed Income Analyst)

Listen to the conference call here.

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