REPLAY—Global Outlook: Brexit Buffet

Please join Brunello Rosa and Rachel Ziemba and other members of the Roubini Research team as they provide signposts through the maelstrom of uncertainty in Europe, U.S. and China. They will also update clients on the progress of our 2016 global themes.

Meeting date:
June 21st, 2016
Start time:
09:00 AM EDT
1 Hour


Brexit: The UK vote is fast approaching and the outcome seems too close to call. How could the result affect European and global markets?
Fed and U.S. economy: Although the labor market and growth has been soft, the U.S. output gap is gradually closing. What does this mean for the Fed’s policy-rate path? How might the increase in oil prices play into this?
European risk: Will the cyclical rebound continue or is Europe set for a new crisis? What are the implications for the global economy?
China’s bumpy landing: Recent Chinese macro data has disappointed. Is China and, thus, the global economy set for a round of stimulus and slowdown? Is the economy’s rebalancing still on track? Will construction be a growth driver?
Commodities rebound: Supply shocks and the weaker dollar have driven the commodities tear of late. Will Copper and oil stay the course or have they outrun fundamentals? Will demand follow suit?

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