REPLAY—Q3 Global Outlook and Themes Review

The world economic recovery remains on track, although—as ever—with some hiccups. For the moment, Europe has taken over the baton of leading growth from the U.S., but we expect the latter to pick up again after a weak Q1. Chinese growth is slowing from a recent overheated high, with other EMs (India, for example) taking over as growth drivers. Changes to our forecasts continue to mainly be upward, with the significant exception of the U.S., where the delay to the expected fiscal stimulus is having an impact on the economic outlook.

Meeting date:
June 13th, 2017
Start time:
08:30 AM EDT
1 Hour


Please join

  • Gabriel Stein (MD Developed Markets)
  • Kevin Harris (Director, North America)
  • Rachel Ziemba (MD for Emerging Markets and Commodities) and
  • Andy Hartwill (Research Director)

As they present our latest thinking on the global economy and markets, and the progress of our 2017 Themes, followed by what promises to be a lively, timely and valuable Q&A session involving you and the rest of our research team.

Please direct any questions you would like answered in the Q&A to pr@roubini.com.

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