REPLAY—Q4 Global Outlook: What Lies Ahead?

Global growth has proved resilient to policy risks in Europe and the U.S., bringing about a largely synchronized global expansion, but better-than-expected growth has done little to stoke price gains. As policy makers eye the narrowing output gap, the soft inflation outlook hints at a slow pace of monetary tightening. We see inflation and rates edging up, albeit gradually, amid policy normalization.

Please join

  • Andy Hartwill (Research Director)
  • Jeff Ng (MD and Chief Economist, Asia)
  • Kevin Harris (Director, North America)
  • Kil Dosanjh (Head of Strategy)
  • Rachel Ziemba (MD, Emerging Markets and Commodities)

As they present our latest thinking on these and many other issues, as discussed in our new Global Outlook. Please direct any questions you would like answered in the Q&A to pr@roubini.com.

Meeting date:
September 28th, 2017
Start time:
09:00 AM EDT
1 Hour


Global growth has been improving, and many risk assets have proven resilient to nuclear threats and trade protectionist rhetoric. We see continued monetary policy normalization and balance sheet adjustment ahead. Join us to talk about the outlook for the global economy and the opportunities it will bring.

Among other questions, we will discuss:

  • U.S.: What should we expect from the Fed? Is the Trump administration going to accomplish any major economic policy initiatives? How should we assess trade and nuclear negotiations? 
  • Europe: Can the ECB manage to taper gently, without creating a “taper tantrum”? Will European growth drivers shift in 2018?
  • China: What should we expect from Chinese policy after the 19th Communist Party Plenum? Who is benefiting from increased Chinese demand?
  • Emerging Markets: Is this the best we can get in terms of growth? Where are the green shoots in the emerging world? After a strong run, are EM assets still attractive? What countries are most resilient to rising yields? How much should we worry about commodity supply shocks?
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