REPLAY—Widening the Channel: Brexit Scenarios

The UK’s June 23 vote on EU membership could have profound effects on the country and the wider world. We have examined a series of dynamic "In/Out" scenarios, considering the implications of various outcomes for the UK, the broader region and global financial markets. These implications depend importantly on the political situation within the broader European Union. 

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Meeting date:
April 14th, 2016
Start time:
09:30 AM EDT
1 Hour


The conference call will focus on the following issues:

  • In or Out: Is the UK better off leaving if Europe fails to address its problems?
  • Macro Impact: What will happen to the economy if the UK stays in the EU? If the UK leaves?
  • Policy Reaction: How would the Bank of England and the UK Treasury respond to the various Brexit scenarios?
  • Financial Impact: How would sterling, UK rates and equities react in various scenarios? What would be the wider impact on global markets?
  • Europe's Future: Would Brexit mark the beginning of the EU's dissolution?

To learn more about our views ahead of the Q&A session, explore some of Roubini’s recent research:

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