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U.K. Pre-Election (Bloomberg radio) / April 26, 2017

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Gabriel Stein discusses the economic outlook on Bloomberg radio / February 27, 2017

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Rachel Ziemba appearance on Morning Macro / February 17, 2017

Rachel Ziemba of 4Cast RGE appears on Morning Macro for a conversation that ranges from Chinese inflation, through insight into what’s going on with oil prices, to how Trump’s troubles with Russia could be hindering the domestic economy in the US. (Source: Morning Macro)

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Exuberant Optimism Exaggerates Growth Outlook / January 11, 2017

Uncertainty—economic or political—is supposed to breed pessimism. Yet, political uncertainty is greater than for many years, and business sentiment in the developed world is booming. Some indicators justify rising confidence, but, as Gabriel Stein argues, it is almost certainly excessive. (Source: Bloomberg)

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The Brexit Landscape / January 11, 2017

Gabriel Stein discusses how Brexit will likely unfold and the landscape as we expect to see it after the conclusion of the two years of negotiations. (Source: Bloomberg)

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LatAm’s Feeble Recovery / October 17, 2016

Latin America will grow at positive rates in 2017 for the first time since 2014; but the recovery will be largely driven by improvements in domestic demand in countries that are coming from recessions (Argentina and Brazil). Persisting vulnerabilities combined a sluggish global environment suggest the recovery will be feeble. Ariel also discusses the political trends in the region and the apparent shift away from populism (as opposed to the rest of the world). (Source: Bloomberg)

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This Is What Can Kill the Emerging Market Rally / Bloomberg / May 10th, 2017

"I still think that the wide output gaps in some commodity exporters will lead to continued inflows, especially to local bonds," said Rachel Ziemba, the New York-based head of emerging markets at 4CAST-RGE. "However, if China keeps tightening, it’s not going to be pretty."

Saudi Shifts Investment Strategy / MEES / April 14th, 2017

Rachel Ziemba comments on Saudi Arabia's foreign investment strategy, its new sovereign fund and its domestic economic growth.

OPEC Oil Cut Extension Likely? / Barron's / April 12th, 2017

“We don’t see the Russians able to cut production much further and we see limited upside for oil this year,” said Rachel Ziemba, an emerging markets-focused economist at 4CAST-RGE, a London-based research and strategy company. She made the comment on Bloomberg Radio Wednesday morning.

3 Numbers: ADP data to show slower growth in US payrolls in February / Saxo Group / March 8th, 2017

Roubini Global Economics is projecting that GDP will advance 0.7% this year after falling 3.6% in 2016. Meantime, Brazil’s stock market has been anticipating recovery for months. The Bovespa Index has surged more than 30% over the past 12 months, largely on expectations that the recession had run its course.


Presentation by Roubini Global Economics on risks affecting Canada

March 28, 2017