RGE Macro Think-In Strategy Sessions

Build a macro foundation for your strategy

As an addition to your RGE research subscription, Roubini Global Economics personnel will participate in your internal strategic investment committee, strategy or board meetings. We will focus on providing a macro foundation for your strategy and facilitate a discussion based on the presentation of RGE views.

Client Benefits
  • Unique interactions with senior members of the RGE team that will allow you to hear, digest, question and challenge our views in a more dynamic manner
  • Tailor the meeting and presentation to cover any of the topics in our standard topic list
  • Leverage RGE’s strong macro foundations, networks in policy and industry, and the RGE research methodology via a thought provoking, interactive presentation
  • Gain access to the wider RGE offering, including our global macro views, scenario analysis and structural and systematic country analytical model
  • Enjoy a more interactive way of hearing our thoughts and views


A scoping call to understand the goals, priorities and key issues to be addressed in the session and to agree on deliverables and the event date

A draft presentation delivered one week in advance of the session to enable the RGE team to incorporate feedback and tailor the session to your needs

A tailored presentation of the macro themes that are most relevant to your organization, including a formal presentation (if required) and Q&A

Summary workshop report and follow-up call as required

Thematic impacts
Thematic impacts: RGE can facilitate a discussion of the expected impact of broad thematic issues on the global economy or regions that we cover and can help your investment teams drill down to understand how this will affect their respective coverage areas and potential investments.
Portfolio or strategy review
Portfolio or strategy review: RGE personnel will provide our unique insight into recent economic developments and how they may (or may not) affect your existing portfolio, as well as how you might incorporate this information into your current investment strategies.
Macroeconomic context
Macroeconomic context: RGE’s insight can assist your corporate board or strategy committee by providing the macroeconomic context in which your business will be operating. Combine RGE’s big picture analysis with your own internal expertise to get a complete and holistic view of your company and the challenges and opportunities it will be facing.